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The first metaverse dedicated to social good, sustainability and combating climate change. 
A universe where you can help, promote and take action for causes dear to your heart.
Share information, dream, inspire and unite to act in the real world and impact our future.

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Our objective is to provide a digital environment for all those who need to work together towards a harmonious world, in resonance with the 2030 Agenda for Sustainable Development outlined by the United Nations. 

Our goal is to reveal the beauty of our Planet, be a catalyst to support its preservation and unite strong change maker communities to implement real-world solutions.

In Horyou AlphaVerse, you will find a digital ecosystem to act on sustainable projects.

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SIGEF is an Annual International Event Advocating the 2030 Agenda of the United Nations.
The Social Innovation and Global Ethics Forum – SIGEF – is an annual International event organized by Horyou Foundation and Horyou, the Social Network for Social Good. Its previous editions took place in Geneva in 2014 & 2015, Marrakesh in 2016 (official side event of the United Nations Conference of the Parties – COP22), in Astana in 2017 (concurring with the Future Energy International Expo 2017), and in Singapore in 2018 echoing the ASEAN Summit, in 2019 in Tokyo following the G20 of Osaka, in 2020 at the Kirchner Museum in Davos, and in 2021 and 2022 moved online with SIGEFOnline editions. SIGEF always stages an exceptional line-up of world-renowned speakers while offering incomparable networking opportunities within the Sustainable Development Goals stakeholders, advocates and visionaries.
SIGEF2023, Women Summit Special edition, will be held in Malta with the active participation of an international array of government authorities, business executives, international organization representatives and academia, as well as a number of experts and advocates of the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals (SDG). Critical contemporary themes including Women Changing the World, Women in Business and Innovation, Gender Equality and its opportunities in Artificial Intelligence, Web3 and Metaverse, as well as Women as Source of Inspiration in Sustainable Lifestyle, the Arts and building a more Sustainable and Inclusive Future benefitting All, among other passionating topics will be debated; experiences will be shared, and solutions will be proposed to Shape Better Times to Come.

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We believe that Blockchain, with the power of decentralization, can be an enabler and accelerator for positive change on the way to a fairer and more sustainable world.

On top of that, blockchain provides traceability and transparency, which is core to us and to the philanthropic space. 

We call it "Technology with a Purpose."

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« Blockchain, equipped with the power of decentralization, has the potential to be an enabler and accelerator for positive change. »

Yonathan Parienti, Founder of Horyou

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Horyou AlphaVerse is organized in districts, each dedicated to a specific cause or a certain country or territory. In total there are 288 Districts in Horyou AlphaVerse.

This is a combination of 10 Thematic Districts on the new continents created, and 278 Country & Territory Districts. These districts are organized in 180,000 Land NFTs.

Districts have a minimum of 4 streets and a maximum of 30 streets depending on the size of the population of the country or territory they are inspired from.

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What you can do in Horyou Alphaverse?

This depends on your PROFILE:

  • Change Maker: You are interested in social good and sustainability. You only need an account to explore our world and support other change makers with their projects and causes. You do not need to buy NFTs or spend any cryptoassets.

  • NFT Real Estate Owner: You have decided to buy a piece of real estate in our metaverse. This gives you many additional options to create awareness about a topic, create events, display content, raise funds and more.

  • Sponsor: You are a philanthropist, a foundation, a corporation looking to partake in the development of Horyou AlphaVerse and its mission. You can choose among the many options to support our change makers, their respective initiatives, or the development of the universe with financial contributions.

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A cryptoasset for Social Good

LIGHTS is the official utility token of Horyou AlphaVerse. It is built on the BNB Chain (formerly Binance Smart Chain).

Many of the transactions in the Horyou AlphaVerse such as buy Lands, exclusive NFTs, decoration, tickets for special events will require LIGHTS.

These tokens will be used to support social good actions in the Horyou AlphaVerse and to build a more inclusive and sustainable world.

To support social good at the protocol layer, we have created the proof of impact fee, i.e. a small fee collected by the non-profit Horyou Foundation. The proof of impact fee is 0.05% of each transaction amount. 

These fundings, through, proof of impact, will then ensure continued support to social good and philanthropic activities and innovative projects within the Horyou AlphaVerse community supporting causes, initiatives and raising awareness.

LIGHTS will be fully compatible with other AlphaVerse affiliated universes.

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« Our aspiration is that by 2050, each citizen on earth on their path towards social good will be able to access and use Lights Token, supporting the emergence of a virtuous circle of interaction, wealth creation and distribution, materializing the paradigm shift towards a more harmonious and sustainable world. »

Yonathan Parienti, Founder of Horyou

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CEO of CBI - Alphaverse

20 years of experience in the Video Game industry, Former CEO of Atari, 10 years in M&A including at Lazard Frères

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