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Let’s Build the First Metaverse for Social Good Together

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Initiatives and projects that promote the United Nations’ Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) are growing in number every day. That’s good news for all of us on this planet because we do need to act quickly, right now as a matter of fact, if we want to preserve our ecosystems and prevent irreversible damage to the world as we know it. The problem is the clock is ticking fast on these projects and we are in need of innovative ways and disruptive tools to achieve all SDGs by 2030.

We believe the solution is in our hands: a metaverse on the blockchain that gives NGOs an independent platform to raise awareness about their causes, reach dedicated young generations and build strong communities in order to accelerate the adoption of sustainable practices in the real world.

For this revolutionary endeavor, Horyou AlphaVerse is inviting partners from all around the world. If you are an innovative, impact-oriented organization involved in social good and sustainability causes and projects promoting the UN’s SDGs, you’re an ideal partner for this initiative. There’s a lot we can achieve together.

Let’s see why and how we can do that!

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Collaborating at Work


NGOs play a crucial role in tackling environmental and sustainability issues, especially because these issues are gaining more attention in civil society.

This interest makes independent communication and community outreach even more important. NGOs can present an unbiased viewpoint which is essential to build trust in sustainability and social good causes as well as to facilitate behavioral and cultural changes in communities and help people live more sustainable lifestyles.

In an ideal world, NGOs would be recognized as crucial actors in building a sustainable future and they would have access to diverse funding sources to pursue their mission. Authorities and decision makers would acknowledge them as partners who can help in policy development and implementation. In this ideal world, there would also be a strong NGO community ready to collaborate with each other to achieve their common goals.

Unfortunately, NGOs face many barriers in fulfilling their roles, most importantly, engaging masses of civil society, but also businesses and the public sector. Independent, open dialogues with both stakeholders and civilians are limited. Not to mention that in a centralized environment raising funds runs into many obstacles, and the assets diminish in the process or never even reach the organizations and communities they were addressed to.

As said above, we believe the solution is in our hands: it is the first metaverse on the blockchain dedicated to sustainability and social good that gives NGOs and Civil Society a powerful platform and disruptive tools for community outreach and communication, collaboration with stakeholders and other NGOs and effective, transparent fundraising methods.

Partnership Program: Notre technologie


The objective of the Horyou metaverse is to provide a digital environment for all those who would like to work together towards building a more harmonious world, in resonance with the 2030 Agenda for Sustainable Development outlined by the United Nations. Our mission is to stimulate faster adoption of practices that strengthen sustainability and social good in the real world.

How are we going to do that? First of all, an immersive, gamified environment makes it easy and fun to raise awareness about your causes and initiatives, reach out to new communities, collaborate with organizations, source and build partnerships. Secondly, a metaverse on the blockchain allows for transparent and traceable fundraising. Data on the blockchain is public and cannot be edited, so it is a decentralized way to track any transaction.

Horyou AlphaVerse is organized in districts, each dedicated to a specific cause or a certain country or territory. In total there are 288 Districts made up of 10 Thematic Districts on the new continents created, and 278 Country & Territory Districts. These districts are organized in 180,000 Land NFTs.

You can read more about the concept and philosophy of Horyou AlphaVerse here.

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Partnership Program: Notre technologie


Horyou AlphaVerse welcomes all Change Makers who are looking for innovative ways to promote their causes, projects and initiatives, share knowledge and best practices, and collaborate on creating a sustainable world.

Change Makers who join this metaverse get a variety of opportunities and benefits to pursue their mission.

Each organization gets a plot of land with Change Maker House. The Change Maker House is special. It is on street level with a big lounge themed and decorated by the owner of the house. It has billboards where you can display content, advertise or promote the theme of your community house, for eg. a specific program, charitable cause, innovation related projects, startups, initiatives, ESG or CSR advocacy by private or public stakeholders, global causes advocacy groups or movements, etc.

A Change Maker House is also a foothold for your community in the metaverse. You can organize different types of events like lectures, debates, exhibitions, projections, training, etc., create and sell NFT collections, set up forums, fundraise for your disruptive project or social cause that echo the UN’s SDGs. 

Owning a Change Maker House comes with financial incentives. You can create floors with flats above the ground floor and sell or rent those flats to your community members. The owner of the Change MakerHouse gets a participation of 10% on every flat sold within the Change Maker House they are managing. Plus, every time members of the Change Maker House spend crypto in Horyou AlphaVerse, 10% of the amount is reserved in a pool. The members of your community can decide on the utilization of those funds towards the SDGs and causes your organization is advocating for.

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Partnership Program: Notre technologie


- A Call for Partnerships with NGOs

Ambitious goals like SDGs can only be achieved if we involve as many people and organizations as possible. For this reason, Horyou AlphaVerse is proud to announce the first phase of the Social Good Pioneer Partnership Program (SG3P). We are inviting partners for this exciting endeavor and we are open to approaches from NGOs from all around the world active in projects focusing on social good, sustainability, environment protection, etc.

Our Program aims to give Change Makers an opportunity to join Horyou AlphaVerse and take part in building the first metaverse on the blockchain for anyone who wants to take action for a sustainable, fair and harmonious world.

Each partner will receive a Change Maker House and  access to the 700 apartments above it which they can sell to their community. Change Maker Houses will get an extra 10% of the proceeds from the sale of those apartments if their affiliated link has been used in the sale process.

Horyou AlphaVerse will be launched in 2023. The first phase of the SG3P Call for Projects lasts until September 30, 2022. As Horyou AlphaVerse is organized in districts, the number of Land NFTs is limited. The sooner you get involved, the more options you have to pick where your Change Maker House is located.

Be among the first organizations who own a Change Maker House in Horyou AlphaVerse!

Partnership Program: Notre technologie


To submit a partnership proposal, please, fill this form or book a call with us. We’re looking forward to meeting and collaborating with you!

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